Welcome to my blog on Movement Lifestyle! Moving is what our bodies were meant to do and I like to say that you should find a way of movement that brings you joy. This blog will serve as place to share my odd passion of movement. This link will go to an outside blog page, so please remember to come on home to Wild Sky Studio!
Just a few of my movement passions, commuting on my big Yuba Mundo, (yes both of my kids ride with me from time to time) and Slacklining. I also will have links to products and info on some of my movement passions. I hope that you enjoy the content that I share here at my little place on the web.
Products for all kinds of movement lifestyle

Barefooting Shoes
Vibram Five Fingers
Merrell (has a nice barefoot line)
Xero Shoes
Bedrock Sandals
Slackline Equipment

Gibbon USA
Balance Community
Slack Tech
Slackline Brothers
Cargo Bikes

Yuba Bicycles
ATS Dance Gear

Fat Chance Belly Dance
Wild Sky Studio shop
Irie Tribal
Tribe Nawaar
Mid East percussion (Zills)
Saroyan Mastersmiths (zills)